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Simplicity with
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Are you tired of the one-size-fits-all solutions that just don't fit your unique needs and lifestyle? If you've struggled with organizing methods that fail to resonate with who you truly are, I'm here to introduce you to "Simplicity with Lauren Winzar." This isn't just another decluttering program; it's a personalized approach that respects your individuality.

Say Goodbye to Temporary Fixes and Embrace Lasting Change

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In a world that constantly demands more from us—more time, more attention, more possessions—our lives become cluttered, not only with physical items but also with responsibilities, commitments, and emotions. The burden of clutter holds us back from the life we dream of. I understand this struggle intimately. I've been there—overwhelmed by chaos, paralyzed by the sheer volume of things needing attention, both inside and out.

But here's the thing: you're not alone, and it's not your fault. Our lives have grown so complex that traditional organizing methods often fall short. They provide temporary relief without addressing the root causes of the clutter.

Introducing Simplicity: Your Path to True Freedom

This is why I created Simplicity. It's more than just tidying up; it's a journey to reclaim your life, find balance, and experience joy. You've tried the quick fixes and felt the guilt of not measuring up to perfection. The truth is, traditional methods can't see your uniqueness, your struggles, your chaos.

But there's hope. Simplicity is your way out of the never-ending loop of frustration. It acknowledges that clutter is not just about stuff—it's about emotions and overwhelm too. Let's break free from this cycle together, navigate the clutter maze, and discover an approach that resonates with you.

Let me at it!

Meet Lauren Winzar - Decluttering & Organizing Coach

I'm Lauren Winzar, and I'm here to guide you. I'm not naturally organized. I'm no stranger to the open-squash-slam method of cupboard wrangling. Glossy promises of a tidy life in 10 steps left me feeling shame and guilt. I tried the storage containers, the colour-coded labels, and the KonMari method, but none of them felt like they got me.

Lauren hugging her dog "Storm" on a bed, a laptop beside them.

That's when I realized that organization isn't one-size-fits-all. It's about finding strategies that match your personality and lifestyle. When I focused on myself and my needs, developing an individual, personalized approach, the astonishing changes began.

The weight lifted, and I could breathe in my own space, perhaps for the first time.

Experience 'Simplicity': Your Personal Roadmap to Clarity

Today, after working with individuals and families worldwide, I've distilled my expertise into 'Simplicity.' This program isn't about imposing my methods; it's about guiding you to create your path to clarity and organization. Just as I found my way to making peace with my home, I want to help you find your way too.

Uncovering 'Simplicity with Lauren Winzar'     Imagine life without clutter, where you're in control and empowered to live on your terms. 'Simplicity' is your ticket to that life. It offers:  - 12 Comprehensive Units: A step-by-step roadmap that guides you from chaos to calm. - Exclusive Resources: Access to worksheets and tools to put insights into action. - Lifetime Access: Revisit the materials whenever you need a refresh.

Choose Your Path to Clutter-Free Living

Investing in yourself is a big step, and I've made it easier for you. Choose the option that suits your budget:

- Pay in Full: Secure your spot for $599.
- Payment Plans: Spread your investment over 3 or 6 months.

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Your Risk-Free Journey

I understand that investing in a course is a big decision. That's why I offer a risk-free opportunity. If you dive into 'Simplicity with Lauren Winzar' and don't see meaningful results within the first 14 days, we'll refund you. We're confident in the power of this program.

Your Journey Begins Now

Think of 'Simplicity' as an investment in reclaiming control, embracing balance, and empowering yourself for a clutter-free life. Compared to the cost of stress and time wasted, it's a small commitment with a monumental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions  - Q: Is this course for beginners? A: Absolutely, 'Simplicity' meets you where you are. - Q: How long do I have access? A: Lifetime access—learn at your pace. - Q: Can I do it with a busy schedule? A: Yes, it's self-paced to fit your life. - Q: What if I'm not tech-savvy? A: We've got your back with user-friendly tech. - Q: Is there a community aspect? A: While not active now, it's possible in the future. - Q: Is this course right for me? A: Try it risk-free for 14 days and decide.

Join Me on the Journey

I'm Lauren Winzar, and I'm here to guide you with empathy, understanding, and practical solutions. Let's reclaim your space, create balance, and embrace the joy of a clutter-free life together.

Join me on the journey to 'Simplicity.'

xx Lauren

12 Modules


All good things start with a dream.

Mindset and Habits

Believe that you deserve this and it is achievable for you now.


Setting goals increases your probability of success.


Your home can be curated so each room, each corner, each belonging, contributes to the feeling of ‘home’ for its inhabitants.

Binge or bite sized

Everyone processes and transitions differently. You must work with your nature, not against it.

Contain yourself

Learning to contain can set you free!

Do the fives

Five of my favourite tools of 5 (and a couple of bonus tools) to help with your decluttering, habits, and goals to try out for yourself.

Get it gone - Selling

Decluttering is one thing but actually getting it gone is a whole different matter!

Get it gone - Gifting and donating

We’ve established that selling is a good option if the total benefits outweigh the total costs of doing so. But if the costs outweigh the benefits, what then?

The hard stuff

You’ve come so far and put in the groundwork, now it’s time to deal with the hard stuff.


Learning sustainable ways to support the changes you have started to make. 


Sometimes we all need a moment to reset. 

Modules for this product 12
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