Making Sense of the Chaos

Combatting Toy Clutter

Did you know that toys DO NOT have to be the bane of your existence just because you have children?

You DO NOT have to spend the next decade or two tripping over dollhouses and stepping on Lego as some sort of cosmic punishment for being a parent.

You also don’t have to spend your evenings picking up after them for the rest of their childhoods - and beyond.

I’m here to help you help them (your little angels) to reduce their clutter, make their own choices and find the joy in their toys again - all without tears!

In this short course, you will learn why decluttering is good for your children (hint: it’s not just your own sanity!), how to prepare yourself and them to tackle the toy room head-on, and how to get it done successfully and how to deal with it in the future (hello birthday parties and holiday presents!).
No matter what age they are or what stage of clutter you are dealing with, this course will guide you to combat the toy clutter in your home once and for all.

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4 Modules

So while we're working on balance, how do we get more of the best, and reduce the worst? 

We could just organise and sort everything, so why declutter?

Now that we've agreed on why we should declutter, let's get to the how

You've done it - you've decluttered!! Congratulations. 

Modules for this product 4
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